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Dental Perception Today in the United States

Dental Perception Today in the United States

How do people in the U.S. look at dental care? For many Americans, oral hygiene takes a backseat compared to other priorities in life. Statistics suggest that a staggering 75% of Americans fail to floss their teeth properly

A survey conducted recently by the ORC International revealed that most Americans believe dental care to be a ‘nice thing to have’ and given a choice, would prefer to get their cars repaired over their teeth. The survey goes down to reveal that nearly 39% of Americans have cut, or are planning to cut down, the expenditure made by them when it comes to dental care. This cost includes medical costs and insurance premiums.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene

Why has maintaining proper dental hygiene taken a backseat?

Is it because of the slowing economy and increasing burden on financial resources?

Or is it something else?

Proper dental care in Des Moines can be possible only with the right dental awareness. Unawareness among people is high not only when it comes complicated procedures like Root Canal Surgery but also with respect to the simplest processes such as brushing the teeth correctly, and paying one’s dentist a regular visit.

Dental Problems That Might Come Up?

Monetary and financial considerations are a factor that stop dental awareness programs from succeeding. Dental coverage can help you when it comes to dental treatments. For instance, your root canal treatment can cost a whole lot lower if you’ve a good dental insurance. However, most don’t prefer for dental insurance as they feel that it’s just not worthwhile.

Other factors

Advertisements also play a part when it comes to swaying public perception to particular products. Most dental advertisements state how their dental care products work better than other conventional products. While there might be subtle differences, most often, what we need are soft-bristled toothbrushes and toothpastes containing sufficient amount of fluoride.

Obamacare, the much-anticipated health-care program  in the USA, which was expected to be the beacon of hope for millions of Americans, appears to have failed them in respect of dental healthcare. Many cannot afford to visit dentists or to buy the medicines prescribed. As a matter of fact, a survey revealed that over 70 percent of Americans turn to free charitable clinics despite being covered.
Lack of quality dental care in the rural portions of our country and the lack of transparency in the healthcare system stops Americans from achieving good oral hygiene.

If you are a Des moines resident, don’t forget to go to your Des Moines dentist for a regular check up. Maintaining good oral hygiene is easy if you’ve dedicated dentists guiding you.

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