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Root Canal Therapy Is Painfully Better Than The Abscess Alternative

Root canal therapy is painfully better than the abscess alternative

Few things can make a grown man weep quite like the agony of a wicked toothache. Caused by some invading germ festering with infection, it conquers the senses. A throbbing jaw matures from uncomfortable to unbearable, as the tyrant tooth hangs like a hook from the most sensitive tissues of the human skull.

Deep into the gnawing jaws and stabbing at the peaks of the cheek bones, so they couldn’t turn up a smile if they tried, it spreads. A few sucker punches to the eye sockets and uppercuts to the ear canal will drive even the notorious Bad Bad Leroy Brown into submission in search of a dentist he can trust.

root-canal-xray-275x230Feeling officially defeated and demoralized, now Leroy finds himself corralled between two metal armrests with a paper bib ’round his beard, as the doc delivers the bad news in three sufferable syllables: root canal.

The root canal is a space located inside the tooth where the nerve lives wrapped in a soft pulp ─ both of which are removed during the treatment, so the canal can be cleaned and resealed.

If left untreated, the problem can exasperate and become an abscess, which can cause an ugly and painful swelling of the face and jaw and sometimes bone loss, according to

Of course the best remedy is prevention, and it’s never too late, or too early. Fort Des Moines Dental is located on the south side of Des Moines in the “Fort” district, known for honoring nearly all forms of insurance and charging reasonable rates for top notch preventative and restorative services ─ from a teething infant to Granny’s grin kept in an overnight jar, Fort Des Moines uses cutting edge methods and equipment at their conveniently located neighborhood office.

After more than 40 years, Dr. Lazar has not only provide Root Canal Treatment in Des Moines, he’s considered by his regulars to be a trusted member of the family. Trust in dentist is criterion No. 1 for having healthy teeth, which equal fewer office visits, maximized dental longevity and far less pain.

Tooth pain can drive a saint to insanity… and then into the nearest Dental Clinic in Des Moines or your local Des Moines Dentist.

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